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I am Stefánia Ágoston, the designer and manager of TiCCi Rockabilly Clothing.

It became clear at my very young age that the clothes will play an important role in my life. If I did not fancy a dress I tried to destroy it with cocoa drink or a sympathetic puddle. I was three years old when my family moved to Budapest from Tatabanya, my Mom bought a Naumann table sewing machine then . From that moment I just chose a fabric, showed Mom a pattern in Burda and my desire became truth. At the age of ten I told my Mom's customers of what style and dress would fit them. Button sewing, dress splitting, pattern making become a hobby. I was interested in the profession, I even got qualified but after school I wanted something else. I moved to Budapest, had different jobs such as maid and clothes sales assistant. In the metropolis I started to dress special and I got many encouragement so that I decided to seriousily deal with costume design and implementation. A friend of mine helped me with sparing energy and money in the business and she gave the pun name for the company. Myself as a fan of Coco Chanel felt that the presence of double C in the company name will always give me strength. In the year of 2004 we opened our store called TiCCi Dresses. I was the seller, designer, and manager of two seamstresses in one person. In 2007 the first major orders came from Germany and Switzerland. Thus, the small salon became a clothing brand. In 2009 I started to make clothes for men, such as Miklós Fenyõ, and for some Rockabilly and Rock & Roll band as well. For photos click HERE. My favorite music band is The Prison Band, especially the front man who actually had become my husband. Over the years I became a wife and mother, so that I have created wedding and maternity clothes collections as well. Nowadays, thanks to online networking my dresses are available for everyone. We greatfully coop with pin up girls and squads from basically each corner of the globe: America, Australia, Japan etc. I get several wedding and bridal dress orders from Hungary and these brides often become regular TiCCi customers. We have five very talented seamstresses to make the ideas and designs come alive. The salon welcomes customers from Tuesday to Friday 3 pm to 7 pm. At the TiCCi Rockabilly Clothing website you can have a look at how I imagine dressing as a girl, as bride, as wife, as a woman expecting a baby, as a mother, at summer and winter, weekdays or party.

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